Vargas General Engineering, LLC is a licensed general commercial contractor in the states of AZ and NM. 


Power Plants

VGE has provided a variety of services for power plants throughout Arizona and New Mexico. Services include but are not limited to concrete work including walls, tanks, foundations, and structural work. We have done sidewalks, excavation, dust control, containment walls, and  landscaping.  

Substations & Switchyards

VGE performs all below grade work for substations; Scopes include civil work, foundations, conduits, grounding, ABC surface, chain link fencing install/repair, precast trenching work, control buildings, block footing walls, equipment slabs, irrigation landscaping, retention basins and drywells.  

Government Projects

VGE has performed various scopes of work for many different government agencies such as Davis Monthan Air Force Base, the VA, United States Department of Agriculture, USPS and many more. Scopes have ranged from larger projects including civil work, structural work, concrete work and remodeling of floating docks to the smaller scaled projects which include site […]

Site Upgrades

Site Upgrades have included demolition, earthwork, lawn irrigations systems, landscaping, asphalt concrete paving, concrete site work, pavement marking, storm and sewer, metal (handrails) fabrication, electrical, and other miscellaneous work.  


VGE specializes in all things concrete. Our services have been obtained by numerous government entities as well as companies in the private sector. Some of our preferred scope includes structural, vertical concrete, and flatwork.  

Commercial Buildings

Since Vargas is a licensed commercial builder in the state of Arizona, VGE has the capability to construct new buildings  

Water Treatment Plants

To date our in house team has completed the excavation work concrete work, foundations, CIP decks, walls and columns, SOG the topping on metal decks, rebar placement and much more at various treatment plants in Arizona.


With the addition of 5-new Drill Rigs (Lowdrills) for work with restricted overhead clearance our equipment can drill from 2’ foot to 10’ diameter by 60’ foot deep.  Our drilling services include layout, drilling, placement of concrete, setting of rebar cages, bolts and templates as well as spoil haul off. Our work on transmission lines […]

Other/Additional Work

VGE is able to provide other services including, electrical, demolition, fencing installation, masonry and many others.